HomeNewsAntwain Fowler funeral underway in Miami (PHOTOS)

Antwain Fowler funeral underway in Miami (PHOTOS)

Antwain Fowler funeral underway in Miami
Antwain Fowler funeral underway in Miami

“You got some cheese I can eat” kid, Antwain Lee Fowler, popularly known as Antwainsworld, will be laid to rest today (Saturday, December 4, 2021).

His burial was preceded by two separate ceremonies; Balloon Release and Public viewing.

There was Balloon Release ceremony (which was done to mark his birthday) on Thursday, December 2, 2021 at Claude Pepper Park in North Miami.

“That was the plan this year!!! He was so happy about having a party and his room makeover. Never in my life saw this in his future. This is so heart-breaking I don’t know how to feel about things anymore,” Antwainsworld’s mother, Christine Blaq (also known as China Blac), said after the Ballon Release.

And yesterday (Friday, December 3, 2021), there was a public viewing (filing past) at Bethel Apostolic Temple in Miami, Florida, where friends and fans were allowed to bid him farewell.

Today (on Saturday, December 4) will be his Homegoing Services (burial service), and it will start at 1pm at the Bethel Apostolic Temple in Miami, Florida.

Antwainsworld, whose real name is Antwain Lee Fowler, passed away on Sunday, November 1, 2021, after battling autoimmune enteropathy all his life. He was diagnosed with the condition in July 2015.

Stay tuned as we update you on Antwain Fowler’s final funeral ceremony.


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