About Us

Ghanafuo.com is a subsidiary of DM Network – a multi-national publishing, digital marketing, public relations, and brand management company with its headquarters in Accra and a branch in Columbus Ave, NY, NY.

Established on March 17, 2016, Ghanafuo.com delivers breaking news in politics, entertainment, sports, and technology 24/7. We have just one job – we break down the news in its simplest form for consumption. We publish news analysis, opinions, explainers, lifestyle, viral, bizarre, and trending news on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram daily. Most of our content is informational-based.

Our Reporters/Journalists

Ghanafuo.com has employed highly skillful professional journalists who use journalistic standards and ethics to deliver news to our readers. Our journalists/reporters have years of experience in the field and have worked for other reputable media organizations around the world.

You can find more out about reporters here: https://ghanafuo.com/authors/

Editorial Policy & How we produce our content/news

We have quality control check and complex (but simple) workflow that helps us deliver our news with speed, care, accuracy, and easily consumable. We source our content from reputable news media organizations that are recognized worldwide. We also use fact-checking tools online to confirm the accuracy/authenticity of our news or media.

Our writers produce content based on our Editorial Guidelines. Ghanafuo.com’s universal content values are built on five pillars; truth, insight, entertainment, innovation, and speed.

This is why our reporters/journalists try as much as possible to make their own effort to ensure that news content is accurate, free from bias, and in context and that all sides are presented fairly.

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