About Us

Founded by multiple award-winning journalist David Mawuli and run by a registered Ghanaian media company, DM Network Services, Ghanafuo.com is an international new media outlet focusing on breaking sports news, lifestyle, events, technology, explainers, opinions, and more.

Ghanafuo.com is managed by DM Network Services – an international publishing, digital marketing, public relations, and brand management company based in Kumasi, Ghana.

Having been nominated for several awards, Ghanafuo.com is a trusted and credible news website and has been cited by top international media outlets like Yahoo, The Sun, Wikipedia, and more.

We count on credible sources to serve our millions of readers with facts and compelling content.

Ghanafuo.com’s mission is to inform, educate and entertain.

How Ghanafuo.com Gathers and Produces News

In this era of fake news and the influx of new media, Ghanafuo.com team goes the extra mile to get the right information for its readers. We rely on hundreds of news tracking and fact-checking tools to confirm the facts before hitting the publish bottom.

For example, we use Tin Eye and Meta for reverse image search and to confirm manipulated media; we use Google Scholar for background information of famous people, and use Sucuri to confirm the credibility of domains of news media.

Ghanafuo.com Team/Journalists

We have a team of Managing editors, Editors, Contributors, and Freelance journalists. We work with more than 20 skilled journalists, commentators, columnists, contributors around the world. Most of our writers have journalism backgrounds, so they can go by journalistic ethics.

To know more about our writers, visit our Author Page.

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We have a strong presence on social media, with nearly half a million followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Our social media pages attract an average of 10 million impressions weekly.

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