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You got some cheese kid’s name: What is Antwainsworld real name?

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Antwainsworld real name
Antwain Fowler aka Antwainsworld

Antwainsworld death shocked the whole internet when his mother announced it via his official Instagram page.

The culinary star, who has been celebrated for his viral eating videos and funny comments, was announced dead on Sunday, November 22, 2021.

He died after battling a rare autoimmune enteropathy disease all his life. He died aged six.

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Antwainsworld became famous in August 2019 after his mother shared some funny clips of him on her Instagram page.

He is known for viral phrases like “You got some cheese I can eat,” “Is that me? Mom, that’s me? No, that’s not. Over there? That aint me. I sw*** to God that’s me,” and “where we about to eat at.”

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Although he is very popular on IG, however, he is only by his handle ‘Antwainsworld’. A lot of people don’t know his real name.

What is Antwainsworld real name?

He has a very sweet name. Antwainsworld real name is Antwain Lee Fowler (or simply Antwain Fowler).

Antwain Lee Fowler
Antwain Lee Fowler

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Antwain Fowler’s IG

He amassed half a million followers on Instagram within a few months. His page currently has 584k followers. His handle is: @_antwainsworld

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