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Who is Antwain Fowler?

Who is Antwain Fowler?
Who is Antwain Fowler?

Instagram star and viral sensation Antwain Fowler has been confirmed dead by his mother, Christina Blaq.

The viral Instagram star was confirmed dead on Sunday, November 21, 2021, after battling a rare condition called autoimmune enteropathy all his life. He died aged six.

Who is Antwain Fowler?

Born in Miami, Florida, Antwain became famous in August 2019 when his mother went live on Instagram with him.

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He shot to fame with his eating videos on his official Instagram page. At the time, mukbang was extremely popular on Instagram.

The video that made him go incredibly viral was a live recorded video on Instagram where his mother read out a comment about him spending all his mother’s money on food. He responded by saying: “You got some cheese I can eat.”

Another video that made him become an instant meme was one that he looked at himself on the phone while live on Instagram. After staring at himself for some time, he said: “Is that me? Mom, that’s me? No, that’s not. Over there? That aint me. I sw*** to God that’s me.”

Since then, he turned memes on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. His images are all over the internet and thousands of memes have been created in his name.

Late 2019, his mother faced backlash for ‘over-feeding’ Antwain Fowler. But her mum clapback with an emotional response about why she allowed the boy to consume a lot of food.

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According to her, Antwain was suffering autoimmune enteropathy – a rare condition that causes children to have a lot of diarrhoea, often to the point of needing intravenous (IV) fluids. He said Antwain couldn’t eat for years and that she was happy he is now eating.

In a GoFundMe account for him, his mother disclosed that Antwain was hospitalized on countless occasions due to his condition. She said h underwent over 25 surgeries. Like normal infants, Antwain couldn’t drink milk or eat solid foods during his earlier childhood.

She also disclosed that Antwain lost his hair due to the condition – reason why he was bald. But after receiving treatment, he regained his hair.

Antwain Fowler loved football.

He met many football stars, including New Orleans Saints cornerback, Brian Poole, and New England Patriots linebacker Raekwon McMillan.

Antwain Fowler’s Instagram

He amassed half a million followers on Instagram within a few months. His page currently has 584k followers. His handle is: @_antwainsworld

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