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“Where we bout to eat at”: Top 10 funny videos of Antwain Fowler

Antwain Fowler
Antwain Fowler

Mother of Antwain Fowler – the young internet sensation – has been confirmed that he is dead. He passed away on Sunday, November 21, 2021, after battling a rare condition called autoimmune enteropathy all his life. He died aged six.

He became famous in August 2019 after his mother shared some funny clips of him on her Instagram page.

The video that made him go incredibly viral was a live recorded video on Instagram where his mother read out a comment about him spending all his mother’s money on food. He responded by saying: “You got some cheese I can eat.”

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Another video that made him become an instant meme was one that he looked at himself on the phone while live on Instagram. After staring at himself for some time, he said: “Is that me? Mom, that’s me? No, that’s not. Over there? That aint me. I sw*** to God that’s me.”

he also went viral for his phrase: “Where we bout to eat at.”

Since then, he turned memes on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. His images are all over the internet and thousands of memes have been created in his name.

In remembering him for giving the internet greater laughter, we share with you te of the funniest videos of Antwain Fowler.

1. Classic

2. “You got some cheese I can eat”

3. Wait for the dab

4. Dulo Folarin Harris’s impression won the internet

5. “Ohhhhhh DAMMMMMNNNN!”

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6. When the waiter asks for gratuity

7. Watching his eat

8. “What tha hek, the only one is YOU is big”

9. “They be hating on me…they be saying bald head”

10. “Where we about to eat at?”

11. MOOD forever! (BONUS)

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