Photo: Is Berla Mundi bleaching? Instagram followers blow alarm

Berla Mundi

Yes, we all love Berla Mundi because she is indeed one of the fine faces on TV and has this beautiful smile ‘to die for’.

Its hard to see negative comments on her posts, unless of course that person is a hater but today (June 24), she managed to earn a lot of it from both lovers and haters because of a photo she posted.

She shared the photo above — which is no news because she wears short outfits most times but unfortunately for her this time, the colour of her knees which looks different is what had her fans trolling her and questioning if she has joined the bleaching train.

Check out what she posted and some of the comments below.

Comments on Berla’s post

Comments on Berla’s post

Comments on Berla’s post

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