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Transport fares to go up by 30% effective March 7

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There will be a thirty percent hike in transportation fees starting on March 7, 2024, according to the Transport Operators Union and the Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana.

The decision was motivated, according to a statement from both organizations, by the government’s unwillingness to listen to their complaints.

We have voiced our displeasure with the leadership’s inability to address our issues and implement fare reductions in order to lessen the rising operational costs as drivers’ representatives.

In addition to creating financial hardships and operational difficulties, the ongoing spike in fuel prices has negatively impacted our means of subsistence, according to the statement.

The drivers union claims that in order to preserve both the public’s quality of service and the transportation industry’s financial stability, fare modifications are necessary.

“We are forced to explore fare increases as a way to deal with the rising operational costs as the government has not been able to resolve this pressing issue. We will be forced to raise fares if these issues are not resolved by March 6, 2024.”

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