Tom T. Hall autopsy: How did Tom T. Hall die?

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Tom T. Hall cause of death revealed
Tom T. Hall

Tom T. Hall was one of the greatest country musicians of modern times in the United States.

Known for creating many chart-topping records, Tom won the Grammy Award for Best Album Notes in 1973 for the notes he wrote for his album Tom T. Hall’s Greatest Hits.

He has released four top career studio albums, including Places I’ve Done Time (1978) and
Song in a Seashell (1985). As a renowned author, he has also published seven notable books.

Tom T. Hall autopsy: How did Tom T. Hall die?

Tom T. Hall passed away on August 20, 2021. He was 85.

According to the new autopsy results, he died by suicide. The result by the Tennessee Chief Medical Examiner’s Medicolegal Death Investigator Fran Wheatley was released to longtime Hall family friend and veteran journalist Stacy Harris in November 2021.

 Harris disclosed that Hall died from a self-inflicted gunshot injury to the head.

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