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Hawaii teacher arrested for allegedly sharing adult content

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Hawaii teacher arrested sharing nasty photos

Hawaii Teachers are in trouble for sharing explicit child content with the public.

 A Hawaii public school teacher has been charged with distributing child obscenities. The authorities arrested Alden Bunag on Wednesday at Oahu High School, where he taught summer school. Authorities say he distributed explicit child videos via the Telegram app embedded in his mobile device.

Former students said Bunag was charming and warm to friends, masking his dirty intentions.

“It’s totally disgusting,” said Bunag’s former student, Seth Daugherty.

To be honest, though, I wouldn’t put it past him just because he was an odd guy. He was very friendly with all of the kids, especially the male students,” said another former student, Maiya Yamauchi.

From the court archives, Bunag exchanged nearly thousands of messages with another tutor who was arrested last previously on a similar offense.

It’s nasty and raw and wrong but Bunag has finally been arrested and you know what prisoners do to such people? They do the worst!

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