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Fameye paid only GHC 150 as a teacher before turning to music

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Ghanaian musician, Fameye, has revealed that he used to work as a teacher before finding success in the music industry. In a recent interview, Fameye opened up about his experiences as a teacher and the challenges he faced while working in the education sector.

According to Fameye, he worked as a teacher for a period of time, and during that time, he was paid a meager salary of 150 Ghanaian cedis per month. He noted that the low pay made it difficult for him to make ends meet and forced him to look for other sources of income.

Despite the challenges, Fameye expressed his love for teaching and his passion for education. He stated that he enjoyed working with children and helping them to learn and grow. However, he also acknowledged that the low pay and lack of support for teachers in Ghana were major issues that needed to be addressed.

Fameye’s journey from a teacher to a successful musician is a testament to the resilience and determination of the Ghanaian people. It is a reminder that with hard work and dedication, anyone can overcome the challenges they face and achieve their dreams.

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