Cynthia Stone cause of death: What happened to Cynthia Stone?

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American actress Cynthia Boyd Stone died on December 25, 1988, after a short illness on February 26, 1926. A former president and founder of the Coconut Grove Republican Women’s Club, Stone also launched the volunteer anti-drug initiative Concern Unlimited.

In 1988, Stone, then 62 years old, passed away. In Springdale Cemetery in Peoria, she was laid to rest in a family gravesite.

Cynthia Stone cause of death: What happened to Cynthia Stone?

On December 26, 1988, in Miami Beach, Florida, Miss Cynthia Stone, the wife of actors Jack Lemmon and Cliff Robertson, passed away from cancer. She was a Foxcroft School alumna from Middleburg, Virginia. In the 1950s and 1960s, Stone had a brief career as a television actress. She usually had cameo appearances in different television series, however she and her ex-husband Jack Lemmon co-starred in the short-lived show Heaven for Betsy (1952). They had previously appeared in the ill-fated television show That Wonderful Guy (1949).

Additionally, Stone was in advertisements for Colgate.

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