Brent Moorer Gaskins parents: Who are his father and mother?

Brent Moorer Gaskins is a famous African-American Actor from Brooklyn, New York.  Brent made his acting debut at 48, with Captain America 3: Civil War, and hasn’t looked back since.

Brent is an accomplished SAG actor and he has featured in some major films including Wakanda Forever, Jack Be Nimble The Movie, Avengers Endgame, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, The 24th, Civil War, Contrary Lee Speaking, Coming 2 America, and Jumanji The Next Level.

Brent has also been featured in TV series such as WE 5, Our Kind of People, Mr. Mercedes, Exhumed, Fatal Attraction, The Inspectors, Vengeance Killer Lovers, Valor, Six, Outcast, Shots Fired, and Under The Dome.

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Though there is more to discuss the actor, let us first find out who his pares are in the next paragraph.

Brent Moorer Gaskins parents: Who are his father and mother?

Brent Moorer Gaskins was born on February 21, 1967, to Louise Gaskins his mother, and Herman Moorer his father. Reportedly, Brent is the 9th Child of his parents. He was raised in Brooklyn until age 6 before moving to Camden, SC.

He started the school system there through graduation and 2 years of college at the University of South Carolina Gamecocks in their Engineering program.

As a successful actor and businessman, Brent has 3 TV Channels that monetize Digital Content (Film, Music, Commercials, Magazines, and podcasts).

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