Are Christine Maxwell and Isabel Maxwell twins?

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The Maxwell family

Christine and Isabel Maxwell are said to be twins born to parents Robert and Elizabeth Maxwell.

Are Christine and Isabel Maxwell twins?

Christine Yvonne Malina-Maxwell born on 16th August 1950 is a pioneering British Internet content creator and educator best known as the creator and co-founder of Magellan. Christine is also the co-founder and author of the software company Chiliad.

She is the Learning Technologies Program Manager at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Christine’s twin sister Isabel Sylvia Margaret Maxwell born August 16th, 1950 is a French entrepreneur who co-founded Magellan, an early search engine acquired by Excite.

Isabel was named a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and served as President of Commtouch, an Israeli internet company that became CYREN.

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From 2004 to 2010, she was a Director at Israel Venture Network, where she helped build their Social Entrepreneur program in Israel.

The twin sisters were part of their father’s empire up till when it fell apart.

After the Maxwell empire fell apart, Christine and Isabel had more freedom to strike out on their own.

They moved to Silicon Valley in the 1980s and helped co-found Magellan, an early search engine, with Isabel’s then-husband, David Hayden, in 1993.

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