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5 outrageous things Bukom Banku’s bleached skin has been compared to

Bukom Banku compared to tea bread

Bukom Banku is always in the news and social media will not leave him alone. He is in the news again because he is bleaching — and shockingly, he has revealed that, his wife advised him to do so.

Since his first skin bleaching photos hit online, Ghanaians have compared him to several outrageous things.
Ghanafuo.com has searched for a couple of those photos for you. Below are 5 outrageous things Ghanaians have compared the boxer to. See below;

2. Bukom Banku vs. the king of Pop, Michael Jackson

3. Bukom Banku vs. tea bread

4. Bukom Banku before and now.

5. And this got me laughing like a mad man. Bukom Banku vs. Hyena. LMAO

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