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Warning over SeaWorld orcas increases


A former trainer claims that SeaWorld “played god” with orcas during its breeding program, resulting in vicious hybrid killer whales.

According to John Hargroves, who spent the majority of his 20 years at SeaWorld teaching orcas, whales that would never normally meet in the wild were inseminated, while others were able to inbreed.

Trainer John claims that the world-famous marine park had “no concept” what they were doing and thinks that the horrifying breeding program may have resulted in more vicious orcas being held in captivity.

After quitting SeaWorld, John appeared in the shocking documentary Black Fish and likened the aquatic attraction to the film Jurassic World.

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In the blockbuster film, scientists build a hybrid dinosaur to be the headline attraction of a theme park, but the creature embarks on a violent rampage after outwitting its caretakers.

According to John, this is exactly what happened at SeaWorld in its frantic desire to breed more orcas for its live shows, which draw millions of tourists each year.

Dickson Ofori Siaw
Dickson Ofori Siaw
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