‘The Valley’ couple Michelle and Jesse Lally split

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Stars of the show Jesse Lally and Michelle Lally revealed to ET earlier this month that they are no longer together during the Vanderpump Rules spinoff launch.

Michelle said to ET’s Brice Sander, “I think you’re gonna be very surprised,” when asked how her relationship problems would be addressed in the first season of The Valley.

Numerous things take place. Even though we’ve been married for a while, you get to witness our genuine difficulties. You will notice that we are no longer together.”

Jesse stated in an interview that “the storyline of us working on our marriage is a big part of not only our personal life but also part of the show.”

He said, speaking of their daughter Isabella, “Unfortunately, Michelle and I are separated right now, but we’re co-parenting, focused on Isabella.” “Michelle recently moved out, so we now live a short distance away. This year, the full season will watch it play out.”

The moment Michelle revealed that her relationship drama was going to be aired on television, she said she “was scared at first” since “it’s good to have people realize that they’re not the only ones that go through real struggles.”

“I want to show that not everything is glamorous and perfect,” she stated. “I want to show people that marriage is difficult and, you know, some people survive it and some people unfortunately don’t.”

Regarding whether they will reconcile, Jesse stated, “Isabella is my sole worry. As we raise this lovely girl, I hope that we will become the best of friends. Ultimately, the baby is the only thing that truly matters to me.”

Given that the teaser for The Valley showed Michelle and co-star Kristen Doute getting into a major argument, the news of their split isn’t all that shocking.

“Do you know what you have done to marriage and my life and my daughter?” Kristen gets yelled at by Michelle.

“Your husband said on camera that he’s going to divorce you!” Kristen replies to Michelle.

Jesse recalled the disagreement during ET’s conversation with him, saying, “I was actually on my way to the bathroom. Furthermore, Kristen touched several sensitive spots that a Bostonian child from the East Coast would never touch. I showed her some love from the East Coast. That is our statement.”

Jesse and Michelle are eager to introduce fans to the culture of The Valley, even though they are no longer together.

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