Shatta Wale to burn down churches if he does not die by December 2018

Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale has issued a barrage of stern warnings on Pastors and Prophets in the country.

According to him, he is giving all Pastors to the end of December this year and that if he is still alive, he together with his army will burn churches in the country.

Shatta Wale indicated that he is tired of false Pastors and Prophets who only talk about doom and not for the betterment of people in the country.

He indicated that most Pastors in the country now think of enriching themselves rather than teaching what the Bible says.

He used the opportunity to seek permission from the President to burn down churches in the country because he and his army are now fedup with the kind of Pastors and Prophets in the country.

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