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Nana Ama McBrown shouts at fan for begging for money (WATCH)

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Nana Ama McBrown shouts at fan for begging for money

Nana Ama McBrown has faced a little backlash after she was filmed shouting at a fan who begged her for money.

The multiple award-winning actress and television personality has been slammed by some social media users for disrespecting a fan.

While on an ambassadorial duty today (November 7, 2021) at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi, she was approached by a fan who needed money.

And when the fan begged her, she yelled at her, saying: “Why are you are calling me? I’m here for a purpose!”

Her comment caused an uproar on Instagram.

“That was harsh… People really like u so watch how u react to them in public,” Instagram user ‘markstunna1’ said.

“Ohia nam enyoo, see how nana ama replied to the guy,” another user ‘raphael_ghanew’ stated.

“Infant @iamamamcbrown is my favorite i luv her down to earth but nana u shouting at them was a not not not u could’ve ignored them without even saying enti sen to them kraaaa than shouting at them but in all u still my favorite love u God bless u so u continue the good work u doing for Gh,” user ‘tagoesandra’ added.

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But, as usual, her fans defended her.

A fan ‘kwesiokawa’ defended her: “That is the problem of Ghanaians childish mindset, as soon as someone is very quiet… you judge the person as a good person not knowing the person deep well ,things will keep surprising you always if you don’t stop this childish thinking,you always praise this lady nd call others names whiles she is also human like all of them..you see the way he talked to the children is a big shame,you call them your so call celebrities apuuuu torrrrr.”

Another user ‘gate_of_pearl’ said: “No nana Ama slander here. U mentioning someone’s name saaa Aden. The self-entitlement is too much. Lots of Ghanaians reject beggars in traffic but since they weren’t seen on camera nti no one came to tell u s3 u too known.”

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