Lisa Brennan-Jobs husband: Who is Bill Morein?

Lisa Brennan Jobs is an American Journalist and writer. Her journalism has appeared in high-profile publications and journals like “Vogue,” “Oprah Magazine, Southwest Review,” “Harvard Crimson,” and “O.”

She has a Harvard degree and publishes her blogs and articles while working as a freelancer.

She also inspired the name “Lisa” for an early Apple computer. Several movies and biographies, including the biopics “Jobs,” “Steve Jobs,” and “Pirates of Silicon Valley,” have featured Lisa Brennan-Jobs as a character.

And not just this! In the book “A Regular Guy,” written by novelist Mona Simpsons (her aunt), a fictitious version of Brennan-Jobs has a significant role.

Lisa Brennan-Jobs husband: Who is Bill Morein?

Lisa Brennan Jobs’s husband, Bill Morein, is the founder of Riverin. Carl Jobs, the kid of the couple, was born some years ago.

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Additionally, she has two stepdaughters. The couple is enjoying their joyful marriage with their kids in Brooklyn, New York.

Small Fry, a book about Brennan-Jobs’ childhood and the complicated and occasionally challenging relationship she had with her Father, was published in 2018.

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