Jaws drop as Bobrisky wins ‘best dressed female’ at recent event

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The entertainment scene in Nigeria  has been thrown into disarray after crossdresser Idris Okuneye, also known as Bobrisky, was named best-dressed female at the ‘Beast Of Two Worlds’ (Ajakaju) movie premiere.

Bobrisky attended the ceremony on Sunday, March 24, dressed in a black outfit with matching dark makeup and wielding a staff.

As part of his honor, Bobrisky received one million naira.

However, this situation has sparked responses on social media, with many people upset with the organizers for giving a ‘transgender lady’ an award designated for a ‘original woman’.

Singer Portable was also taken aback by the unexpected outcome.

He expressed anxiety over Bobrisky’s gender: “Is Bobrisky now a woman?” Is she not completely artificial? A man who changed his buttocks or breasts? So all of the females who appeared in the film were not deserving of the prize you presented to this man? “Who gives an award meant for women to a man who acts like a woman?” he said.

Actresses Toyin Abraham and Dayo Amusan, who attended the presentation, questioned why the organisers would honor Bobrisky in a female category despite the fact that he is not a female.

Filmmaker Ugezu J. Ugezu questioned the organisers’ conduct in awarding Bobrisky in the female category.

He wrote, “So many people have lost it.” How can a guy be named “The Best Dressed Female”? in an event planned by humans? Isn’t this a smack in the face to our women, who work hard every day to be the finest versions of themselves? Sometimes I pause and reflect. “Where are we going in this country?”

Bobrisky responded to the countless callouts on his Instagram profile, addressing critics’ anger.

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