Is Ty Gibbs JD’s son?

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American racer Ty Gibbs has received a $15,000 fine by NASCAR after running into the back of Sam Mayer’s car on pit road Friday night at Martinsville Speedway.

Is Ty Gibbs JD’s son?

No, Ty Gibbs is the nephew of JD and as well as the cousin of former Appalachian StateUniversity quarterback Jackson Gibbs and tight end Miller Gibbs.

They come from a long line of distant family lines but they just share the same surnames.

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J. D. Gibbs was an occupant of Davidson, North Carolina. He was hitched to his better half Melissa (née Miller), and had four children, Joe Jackson, William Miller, Jason Dean II, and Zachary Taylor.

Gibbs was a significant supporter and previous individual from Young Life, a non-traditional Christian association for teenagers.

In May 2015, it was reported that Gibbs was doing combating “conditions connected with mind work”.

During the resulting years, his public appearances and association in the group turned out to be less incessant as the side effects gradually started to show. He kicked the bucket at his home on January 11, 2019. He is made due by his better half and four children.


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