How to pronounce Saweetie (VIDEO)

How to pronounce Saweetie

American rapper and actress Saweetie is finally a Grammy nominee after receiving two nominations for the 64th edition of the award scheme.

The Recording Academy announced the nominees Tuesday (November 23, 2021) and among the list was Saweetie. Her 2021 hit song “Best Friend” guaranteed her the nod. She was nominated for two categories; “Best Rap Song” and “Best New Artist.”

Even though she is popular worldwide, many music enthusiasts find it difficult to pronounce her name correctly. It is, however, not difficult. It’s that simple.

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How to pronounce Saweetie

Born Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, the rapper is known professionally as Saweetie. Her name is pronounced as (/səˈwiːti/). It’s just like saying ‘Sweetie’, but there’s a little ‘A’ sound before the ‘eetie’. So, there you have it.

If you are not conversant with phonetics, you can check out the video below on Saweetie pronunciation.

Why is Saweetie spelled that way?

The spelling of Saweetie is for branding purpose. She was actually called “Sweetie.” Like most musicians and actors do, she chose to spell her name that way to prevent conflict with the spelling of “Sweetie”. In a 2018 interview with Los Angeles-based Power FM, she disclosed how she got her name.

“I got my name from my grandma and I put it on MySpace,” she revealed. “MySpace was popping (then)  and people would see me out and they’d like ‘oh, Saweetie, and I’d be like ‘Yeah, that’s me.’ And then it kind of just stuck.”

“Then, we kind of solidified it when my stepmom had got me a chain with my name on it. So, after that it was just over. My name was just Saweetie,” she added.

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