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‘Being a bank manager no longer made sense’ – Woman reveals why she quit banking job to cook

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Pamellah Oduor, once a thriving bank manager, made a courageous decision that defied several odds.

The passion for her prestigious banking career faded as she turned her attention towards something entirely unexpected—cooking.

Pamellah’s path shifted when she recognized the flourishing potential of her side catering business, Spice Land.

The joy she derived from watching people savor her creations ignited a passion that couldn’t be ignored.

As Covid-19 swept across the globe in 2020, Pamellah faced unprecedented challenges. Undeterred, she diversified her business by adding fish frying to her repertoire. However, supply chain disruptions posed another setback.

Despite these trials, she remained steadfast.

According to Pamellah, her journey wasn’t just about food; her banking background equipped her with invaluable skills. From managing customer expectations to navigating marketing intricacies, her corporate experience played a pivotal role in her culinary entrepreneurship.

Beyond her culinary pursuits, Pamellah has been able to establish the ‘Let’s Cook Kenyan Meals’ Facebook group. This platform fosters collaboration among food enthusiasts, paving the way for countless aspiring chefs to follow in her footsteps.

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