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Why ‘RIP Claire’ is trending on Twitter

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It is heartbreaking to share the passing of a well-known media personality in New York.

The devastating loss has struck the Western New York community as Claire Melendez, affectionately known as “Claire Mel,” has passed on tragically.

Per our findings, the cherished homeless woman featured on the rap album cover of “WWCD”

Sadly her departure was confirmed by Buffalo rapper Westside Gunn on Twitter, expressing his grief and remembrance of the beloved Buffalo Kid.

Gunn’s heartfelt message was accompanied by the hashtags #IMMORTAL and #RIPCLAIRE, symbolizing Melendez’s eternal impact on their lives.


The album “WWCD,” released four years ago (2019) by Griselda Records,  received massive recognition and also featured renowned artists such as Eminem and 50 Cent.

Melendez, an iconic figure in the Buffalo area, captivated many hearts as the face of this influential project.

Her endearing presence on the album cover brought attention to her remarkable story, which was further fused into some of  the lyrics of Griselda’s songs, including Gunn’s solo track, “Connie’s Son.”

Claire Melendez, an old student of Buffalo’s Burgard High School, known as the “Buffalo mascot” to locals, became a recognizable figure throughout the city.

Her prominence extended beyond the music scene, with Gunn himself acknowledging her significance as he co-founded Griselda Records and opened the Buffalo Kids lifestyle and clothing store.

Details regarding Melendez’s cause of death and other circumstances remain undisclosed, leaving friends and fans mourning her sudden departure.

Many individuals have taken turns on social media to pay tribute to the beloved Claire.



As the community mourns the loss of their beloved “town sweetheart,” Claire Melendez’s memory will forever endure. Her role in the music industry, her warmth, and her endearing presence will continue to inspire countless individuals.

Rest in peace, Claire, as Buffalo and the world bid farewell to an extraordinary soul

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