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Serwaa Amihere exposed after claiming ownership of stolen style from Pinterest

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Ghanaian television personality Serwaa Amihere has been exposed in a copyright scandal after she claimed ownership of a style she stole from photo-sharing platform, Pinterest.

The GH One TV presenter got embarrassed on social media on Tuesday (October 24) after she put Action Worship Center choristers on a blast in a Facebook post for wearing what looked like one of her collections called Celine.

“This is my intellectual property, Action Worship Center. Your choristers stole my design. Something I am selling. This is wickedness. Pure wickedness,” Serwaa Amihere blatantly claimed.

It turns out that the dress she claimed to be her ‘intellectual property’ belonged to a Pinterest user who uploaded the style years before Serwaa Amihere even started her brand.

A Facebook user named Adwoa Animah called her out for lying and further dropped proof in a counter post.

“Dear Serwaa Amihere, how did a dress which has been on Pinterest for years become the intellectual property that you call people out for stealing your design? Or you are the only one allowed to seek design inspiration from Pinterest?” Adwoa wrote.

“Well, it’s good you deleted the post but I think you owe them an apology too. I feel it’s the honourable thing to do. Also, stop taking designs from Pinterest and claiming ownership of it. Because we all have the app,” she concluded and added a sample from Pinterest.

It didn’t end there. There was more.

Adwao further dropped another style Serwaa Amihere stole, rebranded and made it hers.

She shared photos of her copy-and-paste style and captioned: “The thing is most of Serwaa’s dresses she sells are inspirations from other designers which she just gives them a name and sells and I don’t see anything wrong with that but don’t expect me to come and buy something for ridiculous prices when I can get the fabric and sew it for less. After all, we are all copying from someone’s design.”

Some hours later, Serwaa Amihere’s merch management released a statement to apologise to Action Worship Center and also claimed they were recalling the dress.

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