Nigerians troll Ghanaians over recent ‘Dumsor’

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Ghana is presently going through a terrible energy crisis called “dumsor,” despite being praised for being a model of democracy and stability in West Africa. A persistent issue that caused significant harm to the people of Ghana over ten years ago has reappeared. The nation has been suffering from random power outages for a few weeks, which has left its people greatly frustrated and struggling.

“Ghana no longer has constant power supply due to frequent power outages,” reads a post on Instagram by @AfricaFactsZone. Our Nigerian brethren have started ridiculing us online as a result of this.

The government’s blatant dishonesty and failure to handle the problem in a sincere and transparent manner have made matters worse. The incapacity and dishonesty of the authorities have far-reaching effects on the Ghanaian people as well as the standing of the leadership, which we must accept.

Power outages, often known as “dumsors,” have been frequent in Ghana in recent weeks, interfering with daily life, company operations, and the nation’s economic expansion. The lack of power rationing plans causes entire areas, cities, and even hospitals to have power outages that last for several hours or days.

Many reasons contribute to this ongoing energy imbalance, such as inadequate infrastructure spending, poor resource management, and an excessive dependence on hydroelectric power without adequate diversification.4

Remarkably, the authorities decide to ignore the problem rather than confronting it head-on and fixing it. To downplay the severity of the energy issue, they turn to lies and deceit rather than owning up to their shortcomings. Through deliberate disinformation, the government belittles the intelligence of Ghanaians and erodes their confidence, leading to increased frustration and resentment.

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