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It’s time to reshuffle AM Pluzz pundits – Qwessi Oo Qwessi writes

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Social media commentator, Qwessi Oo Qwessi, isn’t contented with some of the pundits on Accra’s popular entertainment show, AM Pluzz on Pluzz FM.

Qwessi took to his Facebook account today to express his disappointment in the programme’s current pundits and pointed out that the show isn’t interesting anymore because the pundits have lost the guts to speak the truth.

For this and others interesting reasons, Qwessi advised that the programme should get rid of some of its pundits and replace with those who can call a spade, a spade.

Qwessi wrote today (June 20):

“I personally think some of the pundits on AM Pluzz have outlived their relevance to the show and need to be reshuffled. Gone are the days when pundits analyzed issues to the core without fear or favour. They called black as black and didn’t mince words to favor people they love.

In recent times, pundits’ submissions have raised a lot of eyebrows for the negative reasons. Some of their submissions are laced with elements of biases and hate. Others also use the valuable time they are given to tell us about the number of Facebook fans listening to them, the kind of songs their daughter enjoys and also their many relatives who just arrived in the country and end up saying virtually nothing relevant to the issue at hand.

They sometimes forget that their listeners are also discerning hence can tell when they go off track. I know am not the only one with this concern as I have heard others also talk about it. Such concerns and criticisms are meant to make the show a better one and not to malign anyone. It’s up to the powers that be to either take it or leave it. They just have to remember that the voice of the people is the voice of God.

From a concerned listener.”

David Mawuli
David Mawulihttps://ghanafuo.com/author/mawulid/
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