Is George Foreman’s friend Desmond Baker a real person?

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As fans see “Big George Foreman,” they will notice the interesting presence of Desmond Baker, a figure created just for the movie. This imaginative option enhances the movie experience by combining reality and fiction to construct a gripping story around the renowned boxer’s life.

Is George Foreman’s friend Desmond Baker a real person?

In contrast to the many real-life individuals featured in George Foreman’s biography, “Big George Foreman,” it’s worth noting that his companion Desmond Baker is neither a real person from Foreman’s life nor based on any existent figure. Desmond Baker stands out among the biopic’s ensemble of characters for being wholly unique to the story.

The idea to include a fictional character like Desmond Baker adds a distinct and creative element to the biography, providing a new viewpoint on Foreman’s life without being restricted by historical authenticity.

This deviation from reality allows the filmmakers to explore new levels in storytelling and delve into elements of Foreman’s life that may not be well-documented or known to the general audience.

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