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Ex-Chelsea star Geremi Njitap files for divorce after shocking DNA test results

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Geremi Njitap, a Cameroon superstar, reportedly filed for divorce after a DNA test revealed that the twins from his marriage are not his children.

The former Chelsea player and his wife, Laure Fotso, have been married since 2012, four years after having twins.

However, following the revelation made after the test, the 45-year-old has opted to end the relationship.

According to The Sun, court documents state that Njitap is leaving the marriage due to ‘destroyed harmony’ and’repeated lying’ caused by her abject attitude.

In addition, Geremi Njitap alleges that he has experienced verbal mistreatment from his spouse, who supposedly demeaned and insulted him in the presence of their children. Derogatory language was employed, shedding light on the tensions and conflicts within the household.

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