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Divorced woman requests refund from wedding photographer

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A South African woman has gone viral on social media after asking her wedding photographer for a refund following her divorce.

In a shocking revelation, the woman in question contacted the photographer of her wedding that took place somewhere four years ago in 2019 and requested a refund.

To her, at the moment she and her ex-husband “don’t need those pictures anymore”.

The photographer initially expressed surprise at the request, stating that photography is a non-refundable service and that he could not undo these photographs.

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This intriguing request got the cameraman to share screenshots of the conversation, which is currently breaking the internet.

Interestingly, the woman did not back down from her request and actually involved her lawyers to receive at least 70% of the amount she paid for the service. However, the photographer refused to meet with her and asked for her lawyers to contact him instead.

Many people have found the story so amusing and responded with humor to the unusual request. The woman’s ex-partner later reached out to the photographer and expressed regret on her behalf.

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After several days, funny enough the woman believed in her 30s is now back into the photographer’s dm now requesting divorce photo shoots which she has agreed to pay for the service.



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