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Brave Ghanaian farmer wrestles with huge python (VIDEO)

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A Ghanaian farmer has been praised and tagged ‘brave’ after he was filmed wrestling with a huge python he found on his farm.

A new viral video shows how a Ghanaian farmer battled with a huge python he found on his farm and conquered the reptile.

The two-minute video shows how Francis Arkorful, a Ghanaian farmer, wrestled with what appears to be a 5-6 feet African python that had swallowed an animal on his farm.

After struggling for a few minutes, he grabbed the snake by the neck, bit off the tail and blew air into its mouth.

According to him, he bit off the tail to clear its venom and further weaken the reptile.

It was later taken away and the carcass that the snake had devoured was removed.

Watch how it went down between the brave Ghanaian farmer and the python below.


from my second farm

♬ original sound – Francis Kojo arkorful


♬ original sound – Francis Kojo arkorful


♬ Crazy World – Lucky Dube

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