American actor Art LaFleur dies after 10-year battle with atypical Parkinson’s disease

Art LaFleur with wife
Art LaFleur and wife

American actor Art LaFleur has been confirmed dead by his family. The seasoned actor and veteran Hollywood actor passed away on Thursday, November 18, 2021. He died aged 78.

His wife, Shelley LaFleur, announced that the actor is no longer with his dear family in a Facebook post.

She said Art LaFleur died after a 10-year battle with atypical Parkinsonian disorders (Parkinson’s disease).

“He was a generous and selfless man which carried over to his acting,” Shelley LaFleur noted, “but more importantly it was who he was for his family and friends.”

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She continued: “Every location or set we visited him on, the cast and crew would introduce themselves and tell Molly, Joe, and me how Art spoke of us with such pride and love.”

Shelley LaFleur added: “I was so very lucky to have had a 43 year relationship with a man who cherished me and who I adored.  Art was larger than life and meant the world to us.”

Art LaFleur is known for his roles as Babe Ruth in “The Sandlot,” The Tooth Fairy in “The Santa Clause” (parts 2 and 3) and Chick Gandil in “Field of Dreams.”

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