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Young Devotion: A Ramadan journey with two Muslim sisters

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In the lively suburban community of Olebu – Ablekuma, in Accra, the Safianu sisters, Ramzia and Nasara, aged nine and ten respectively, embarked on a touching journey of faith and determination as they embraced the holy month of Ramadan with unwavering devotion.

Born into a deeply traditional Muslim family, these young sisters wholeheartedly dedicated themselves to the sacred Ramadan fast, guided by their unwavering faith and a deep sense of purpose.

At the crack of dawn, the sisters eagerly participated in the pre-fast meal, known as “suhoor,” lovingly prepared by their mothers.

With tired eyes but strong spirits, they bid farewell to food and drink as the sun rose, embracing the daytime hours of fasting with a maturity beyond their years.

Amidst their daily activities of schoolwork and play, Ramzia and Nasara found moments of peace for prayer and reflection, finding comfort in the teachings of the Quran and the gentle whispers of faith that led their way.

Speaking with nine-year-old Ramzia, she expressed her readiness to fast, viewing it as a fundamental practice of their religion.

“Together with my sister, Nasara, we observed the fast from 6 am to 6 pm each day during our 15 days of Ramadan. Although we couldn’t complete all 30 days, I believe our sincere efforts will be heard by Allah,” Ramzia shared.

As the sun sets, signaling the end of another day’s fast, the sisters eagerly awaited the evening meal, coming together with their family to break their fast amidst laughter and shared stories.

For Nasara, each day of fasting held a divine purpose.

“During the fast, I was determined to pray and achieve great things. I always ask Allah to protect my family and provide for my parents, believing that He answers prayers,” she affirmed.

Their father, Abdul-Kareem Safianu, expressed his pride in witnessing his daughters embrace their religious traditions with such fervor.

“I see the same zeal in my children as I had during my youth. We do not force them to fast; it is their own choice. I only encourage them to continue their good deeds, and I am immensely proud of them,” he remarked with a wide smile.

As Ramadan came to an end, anticipation grew for the festive celebration of Eid al-Fitr.

Adorned with henna and dressed in their finest clothing, Ramzia and Nasara joined their family and fellow worshippers in offering prayers of gratitude to their Creator.


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