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Women fertility reduces at age 32; worsens at 37 – Concerned doctor stresses

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Dr. Aiden Saanwie, Medical Director of the Upper East Regional Hospital and member of the Fertility Society of Ghana, has disclosed that the number of women over 30 who are fertile is steadily declining, which is leading to an increase in age-related infertility among women.

Speaking on fertility recently on Bolgatanga-based Dreamz FM, Dr. Saanwie stated that age is the main factor contributing to the rising rate of infertility in both men and women since having children becomes less likely as one ages.

He said that the fertility rate was declining for women over the age of thirty. He clarified that the decrease begins at 32 and gets worse after 37.

It has often been observed that aging alone contributes to the fall in fertility. Global fertility is declining starting around age 32. After that, there is a steep drop that starts at age 37, and most women will reach menopause by the time they are 50 (give or take 5 years). It goes without saying that at that point, they would have lost their fertility. Therefore, you shouldn’t get there before reaching your fertile age,” he stated.

“The legal age of consent for sexual activity is eighteen, but we also set this age to encourage individuals to have safe, responsible relationships even though we are aware that people can become pregnant at far younger ages. Consequently, 18 to 35 years old is the best

Over time, Ghana’s fertility rate has decreased in tandem with a sharp decline in fertility rates worldwide. Pronatalism development specialists claim that the significant reduction is detrimental to development.

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