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Why was Tommy Lee Jones mean to Jim Carrey?

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Why was Tommy Lee Jones mean to Jim Carrey?

However, Jim Carrey revealed some details about his conflict with Tommy Lee Jones in 2017.

He recalled the time the two first met after Jones was cast in Batman Forever; it took place while Jones was eating his dinner during a break from filming.

The Bruce Almighty actor made the decision to approach his co-star, but when he seen Jones’ demeanor turn all serious on him, Carrey quickly understood that working with the distinguished actor for the duration of their time on set would be challenging.

He added his two cents on what Jones’ issue with Carrey, who had taken it up with him from the start when production started, was as well.

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The Texas native, according to Schumacher, felt that Carrey stole his thunder with his portrayal of Edward Nygma, commonly known as the Riddler.

Furthermore, Carrey had already enjoyed considerable success with his previous films, such as Dumb and Dumber, The Mask, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

As a result, adding an actor who was at the height of his success would undoubtedly take away from Jones’ star power.

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