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Why Sarkodie’s use of ‘Pro Bono’ in “Kanta” could be right – Nenebi writes


Ghanaian spoken word artiste, writer and social media commentator, Nenebi has waded onto the supposed misuse of the word ‘pro bono’ in Sarkodie’s “Kanta” lyrics. He took to Facebook days ago to share his opinion on the matter and we think he is partially right.

Nenebi’s short yet constructive explanation of arts makes Sarkodie’s expression sensible and we decided to share with our readers. His issue was simple and clear. Citing some good examples, he ended up saying arts made Sarkodie used that word but not science.

To him, arts has no formula but science has which to us is right.

Nenebi wrote;

“People asking me to address the ‘pro bono’ line because I have been playing Sark’s defense since yesterday. I don’t have to but I will for the sake of fair play, btw (by the way) I think C. Ronaldo is a better than Messi is and will ever be because Ronaldo is more human And with him, you see the sweats. 

I think Jay Z is the best rapper of all time. I think he is flawlessly great even though he has a song called Reminder in which he said, “I am half man, half mammal.” Man is a mammal so that line doesn’t make sense but I won’t hate Jay for that. 

We all know I live and breathe Kanye and I think Black Skinhead is the best Kanye song of all time. That song has a line like, “I keep it 300 like the Roman.” The movie 300, which Kanye referenced is about the Spartans. A keyboard teacher friend of mine was me telling how a particular Alicia Keys song, I don’t remember which one, had her going off key for a few seconds because it sounds better. My nigga Pharrell will sing off key for no reason. He will make a mistake and leave it on the song. 

Why? Because of soul. Sometimes you say or do some useless shit when you are in the zone flowing. You can go back and correct it but sometimes by correcting it, the song loses its soul. 

Sometimes by over polishing art, it loses its spirit. Da Vinci said he never finished any of his paintings, that means the fact that the Monalisa doesn’t have eyebrows may not be deliberate but we still go to school to debate the every little detail of that work. 

Art is supposed to be human to connect and nothing is more human than flaws. I love my idols with flaws. That is what Achilles’ heels is. 

You need something that can kill you, even fictional superheroes like Superman and Spiderman have flaws. That is what makes them relatable. For all you know PYT may be about one of the little boys Michael Jackson molested but who cares? As long as it sounds good, we will ride with it. ‪#‎StayAwayFromMe‬”

Do you agree with him? Share your views with us.

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