Why it’s difficult for new Ghanaian artistes to breakthrough – Urban Effects explains

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Though the Ghana music industry might look small (in terms of population), it is one hell for a new artiste to break through with ease. We have witnessed many mainstream artistes who went through ‘hell’ just to make a little impact before getting a final breakthrough.

The issue of why it has been so in the Ghana music industry was raised by a Facebook commentator, Kelly Nii Lartey Mensa  today, June 17, on his timeline. He posted a question asking why. He wrote “It’s just too difficult for new artistes to penetrate into this industry….why??”

This drew the attention of many and had some interesting answers but the answer that stood out was by Sarkodie’s stylist, Urban Effects. Though his answer less detailed, it was comprehensive enough for any new artiste to understand and adopt.

Concentrate on making good music than making a hit song. – Urban Effects

He started by encouraging new artistes to embrace social media and its numerous benefits when it comes to exposing artistes. He also advised artistes to consider establishing a dedicated team, fanbase and producing quality contents.

Urban Effects

Urban wrote:

“Some of the new talents don’t have the time to wait; they all want a hit song or want to be top there in a matter of days.

We are in the new era where people can use social media more efficient but they don’t have the time. They want straight air play on radio and TV.

For the new acts, you need a team of dedicated people who believe in you because you can’t do it alone.

Learn to use social media very well. Start building a core following. Make sure u have same name on all social media platforms, from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Soundcloud and YouTube just to name a few. Be ready to sacrifice some time to make this work. Concentrate on making good music than making a hit song.

Now it’s even easier to sell your music by creating an account on Tunecore or CDBaby and loading all you singles out there which will generate some bucks (cash).

Put out more materials with good content and let your team push it on social media. There are countless of online radio stations worldwide who wants to play your music for free. Research online and let your team email your songs to them.

And the ones who think they are the next Wayne or Young Thug, please stop all the ‘I kill you ni***’ and all others swearing words in your songs.

YouTube is there do some research on there. Feed your fanbase with good music and if it catch on the DJs would be forced to play your songs without you paying no payola. And give yourself sometime, it will all work out.

That’s my 1cent to new acts.”

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