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Why does Eric Adams wants to be paid with Bitcoin?

Eric Adams
Eric Adams

Eric Adams was drawn to public service at the age of 15 after he and his brother were beaten badly by police officers; the violent encounter would later motivate him to pursue a career in law enforcement, a decision reinforced by mentors such as Reverend Herbert Daughtry and Jitu Weusi.

Eric went on to earn an Associate in Arts degree in data processing from New York City College of Technology, a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and a Master of Public Administration degree from Marist College after completing his public school education at Bayside High School.

Eric graduated from the New York City Police Academy as one of the top students in his class in 1984.

Now a mayor of New York, Adams continues to serve diligently.

However, Adams announced his desire to take bitcoin payments in reaction to Miami Mayor Francis Suarez’s commitment on Tuesday to receive his next paycheck “100% in bitcoin.”

He claims New York will be “the center of the cryptocurrency industry” amid growing competition from other U.S. cities.

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