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Why did China ban celebrities from showing off their wealth on social media?

China President Xi Jinping
China President Xi Jinping (Photo: AP)

China has, in the past, been a firm country constitutionally. They are peculiar about the impact of social media on the youth and children. That is why they have implemented so many laws that will prevent their citizens from being negatively influenced.

Well, they seem to be increasing the tempo with their new passed law later this year. This time, celebrities will be banned from flaunting their wealth on social media.

Why did China ban celebrities showing off their wealth on social media?

The law clearly and forcefully states that “Celebrities in China can no longer show off wealth on the increasingly popular social media platforms”.

This was announced according to their Cyberspace Administration and indeed both celebrity and fan club accounts must adhere to this strictly and save themselves from the wrath of the Chinese government.

What will happen to celebrities in China if they show off their wealth on social media?

Flouters of this rule are going to be barred from social media or face more challenging punishments with the law.

Social media platforms blocked in China

China has already blocked apps like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter hence apps like Weibo, Renren and Youku are what many people or celebrities use to carry their messages across to their friends or loved ones.

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