Why did Bernie Mac show get cancelled?

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The Bernie Mac Show, a Larry Wilmore-produced American comedy that aired on Fox for five seasons from November 14, 2001, to April 14, 2006, is sometimes abbreviated to Bernie Mac in syndication.

The three children of Bernie Mac’s sister, Bryana, Vanessa, and Jordan, were being raised throughout the series by Bernie and his wife Wanda.

Why did Bernie Mac show get cancelled?

The Bernie Mac Show was cancelled by Fox after five seasons and 104 episodes because of his health.

In the “Bernie’s Angels” series finale, Bernie receives an electrical shock and becomes traumatized. Upon his recovery, he starts showing Jordan and Bryanna how to complete tasks independently. Vanessa also doesn’t want Bernie to have any influence on her college decision.

Jordan, meantime, exploits Bernie’s generosity. Finally, Vanessa and Bernie reconcile (mainly due to her writing an essay about who inspires her most: which is him).

In the series’ climactic climax, Bernie returns to his natural self and returns the iPod he purchased Jordan since Jordan was being taken advantage of. With his final sentence, Bernie bids the audience farewell and promises to continue to raise and educate the children for as long as they require it. He also wishes them luck.

As the event plays out, Bernie smugly smiles and taunts Jordan as he is on his knees pleading for the iPod and weeping.

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