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Who will inherit Betty White’s fortune?

Betty White
Betty White

Veteran American actress Betty White has joined her ancestors at the age of 99. She was confirmed dead by law enforcement on Friday, December 31, 2021.

The Golden Girls actress is well known around the globe and admired for her contributions to the film industry as well as her philanthropic projects.

Before passing away, she had a chunk of net worth. Most of her income came from her roles in movies and endorsement deals.

Betty White net worth: How much was Betty White worth?

Betty White’s net worth is estimated at $75 million.

Who will inherit Betty White’s fortune?

Who will Betty White leave her money for?

For now, only Betty White’s attorney can determine the details of her will. Her will was never made public before her demise.

She had no children and grandchildren.

However, she was stepmother to her ex-husband Allen Ludden’s three children; Martha, David and Sarah.

Of the three, she had a major conflict with Martha, and did not really speak with her for some 30 years.

So, if someone was going to inherit her fortune, it would be David and Sarah.

It also alleged that publishing company Simon Books is likely to get a portion of Betty White’s inheritance.

The other possibility is for animal rights organizations, the ASPCA and such. This is because White was a huge animal lover, had many canine friends and was been vocal about it for years.

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