Who was Notti Osama? All about 14-year-old rapper stabbed to death

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After a confrontation in a metro station in July, Notti Osama was tragically stabbed.

He allegedly clashed with a 15-year-old competitor rapper in this incident. Drill music frequently has competitors being criticized and publically insulted.
Although police have not established a motive, the homicide is thought to have something to do with the musical competition.

The 15-year-old competitor of Osama was taken into custody following the event and initially charged with second-degree murder.

However, prosecutors learned that Osama and his friends had trapped the suspect, who stabbed the young rapper while attempting to leave, and the charge was reduced to first-degree manslaughter.

Who was Notti Osama? All about a 14-year-old rapper stabbed to death

Drill rapper Notti Osama, real name Ethan Reyes, was from Yonkers, New York, and he was 14 years old. He and one of his brothers just unveiled visuals for his new single, Without You. He was the youngest of six children.

Given his youth and the early stages of his career, there isn’t much information available regarding his past. His cousin Lily Ortega described him as a “happy” and “kind” boy, while his brother DD Osama paid tribute to him on social media.

Other drill enthusiasts from New York also left tributes, and his family has set up a charity website to cover burial expenses.

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