Who was Diana Ramos? Cause of death, family, husband, children

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American Airlines flight attendant Diana Ramos, age 66, was found dead in her Marriott hotel room at Philadelphia International Airport with a “cloth” in her mouth. Her exact date of birth was unknown at the time this article was published. She was supposed to check out two days ago, but her team deserted her.

A rag was found in the mouth of an American Airlines flight attendant who was found dead in a Marriott hotel room at Philadelphia International Airport. Photos of the woman have emerged. Diana Ramos, 66, of Las Vegas, was due to check out of the hotel two days before housekeepers discovered her unconscious on Monday.

Chief Inspector Scott Small of the Philadelphia Police Department stated that Ramos “suffered a sudden death,” calling her passing “suspicious.” She was taking “several medications,” sources said 6ABC, and unopened prescription bottles were found inside the room. There were no signs of a forced entry, a struggle, or the presence of any weapons in her chamber, according to the police.

Diana Ramos: Cause of death

As of the time the cause of death of Diana Ramos has remained unknown as authorities have not made it available to the general public.

Diana Ramos: family

The family of Diana Ramos is unknown as of the time of this publication.

Diana Ramos: husband

Per our findings, Diana Ramos’s husband is unknown as there is no information on the internet about him as of the time of this publication.

Diana Ramos: children

The children of Diana Ramos are unknown as she has never shared the details of her children with the general public.