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Who is Travis Hunter? Rank, team, salary, Jackson State

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Being one of the nation’s top high school football recruits from Jackson State, Travis Hunter has been in the news lately.

On Wednesday, Travis announced his allegiance to Jackson State University. Being one of the most talented football recruits to join a historically black university.

Travis Hunter age: How old is Travis Hunter?

The top college football recruit is just 18 years old with uncommon skills when it comes to playing on the field.

What is Travis Hunter ranked?

Travis is ranked as the number 1 overall football recruit in the country.

What team does Travis Hunter play for?

Top college football recruit, Travis Hunter played for Suwanee (Ga), Collins Hill High drawing scholarship offers from top programs including Alabama and so on.

Why did Travis Hunter commit to Jackson State?

According to Travis, he overturned his allegiance to Jackson State because it would allow him to light the path for others to follow.

Also, it will make it easier for the next player to recognize that H.B.C.Us may be everything they want and more.

How much is barstool paying Travis Hunter?

Many rumours are circulating that barstool allegedly has a million-dollar deal with Travis Hunter.

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