Who is Scott Piercy wife Sara Piercy? Bio, age, children, net worth

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Scott Piercy
Scott Piercy

Sarah Piercy has received media attention as a result of her husband’s participation in the ongoing Canadian Open Golf Tournament, which began today (June 9) at 10 a.m.

Sara Piercy’s Wikipedia

For close to a decade Scott Piercy has been married to the lovely lady Sarah. Apparently, they had been dating way back in high school.

Sara Piercy’s age and birthday

Sarah would probably be in his early 40s however, her real birth month and day are not documented.

Sara Piercy’s parents and siblings

Facts about Scott’s partner’s mother and father as well as her biological brothers and sisters are not known in the public eye at the moment.

Sara Piercy’s husband and children

Sara Piercy has been married to Scott Piercy for a couple of years now and their relationship has been blessed with three children. Their children’s names are Cole, Brennan, and Jett.

Sara Piercy’s net worth

Sarah’s worth is unknown in the meantime, however, she lives a luxurious lifestyle thanks to her American partner’s bank accounts.

Sara Piercy’s  Instagram

She is not on the  Instagram platform however she has a very account on Twitter account (@LeoneLasVegas) with several followers and followings.



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