Who is Sarah Stitt, wife of Kevin Stitt?

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Kevin Stitt has been at the helm of Oklahoma’s leadership since 2019, steering the state toward progress and prosperity.

As the governor, Stitt held the responsibility of making important decisions that impact the lives of Oklahomans.

The 50-year-old was actually born and raised in Milton, Florida, United States.

Let’s delve into some intriguing aspects of Governor Stitt’s career and financial standing.

Who is Sarah Stitt, wife of Kevin Stitt?

A little search revealed Sarah Stitt is the better half of 50-year-old Kevin Stitt.

She has undoubtedly been an integral part of  Stitt’s life and has been a supportive presence throughout his political career.

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While the adorable Sarah primarily focuses on her role as a wife and mother, she has also taken on various initiatives to contribute to the betterment of Oklahoma.

Sarah Stitt is most actively involved in charitable and community service efforts within the state. She has shown a deep commitment to causes related to education, healthcare, and family well-being.

Together, Sarah and Kevin Stitt form a formidable team dedicated to the well-being and progress of Oklahoma.

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