Who is Maria Lee, wife of Bill Lee?

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Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has been trending lately as the state’s 50th governor since 2019.

As a staunch member of the Republican Party, Lee’s journey from being a  businessman to a politician has wowed many.

Who is Maria Lee, wife of Bill Lee?

Per our findings before entering politics, Bill Lee built a successful career as a businessman.

He is the former chairman and CEO of Lee Company, a family-owned mechanical contracting, facilities, and home services company based in Franklin, Tennessee.

Five years ago, Lee decided to step into the political arena, running for the position of Tennessee’s governor. With his business acumen and conservative values, he earned the hearts of many voters, leading to his election as the 50th governor of the state.

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Aside from politics, Bill Lee is a family man as well. He has been married twice.

After his first wife, Carol Ann Lee he found his soul mate Maria Lee who he has been with to date.

Maria Lee is the current wife of Bill Lee, the 50th governor of Tennessee.

She plays a significant role in supporting her better half’s political ambitions and also engages in various community and philanthropic activities alongside him.

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