Who is Ethan Hawke’s brother Matthew Hawke? Bio, age, birthday, family, net worth

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Ethan Green Hawke, an American actor, and director was born on November 6, 1970.

Hawke was born in Austin, Texas, to James Hawke, an insurance actuary, and Leslie Hawke, a charity worker.

In Fort Worth, Texas, Hawke’s parents were high school sweethearts and got married when Hawke’s mother was only 17 years old.

Hawke married actress Uma Thurman on May 1, 1998, after meeting in 1996 while working on the film Gattaca. Maya (born in 1998) and Levon Roan Thurman-Hawke (born in 2002) are their two children.

After suspicions of Hawke’s infidelity caused the couple to split up in 2003, they filed for divorce the following year. In August 2005, the divorce was legally finalized.

Hawke later married Ryan Shawhughes in 2008, who before graduating from Columbia University, had served as a babysitter for Hawke and Thurman’s kids for a brief period.

Hawke dismissed rumors that they were dating, saying, “My [previous] marriage fell apart owing to several factors, none of which were even remotely related to Ryan.

Hawke lives in Boerum Hill, a Brooklyn neighborhood in New York City, and owns a small island in Nova Scotia, Canada

Who is Ethan Hawke’s brother Matthew Hawke

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough data on Matthew at the moment. It seems Matthew prefers to stay away from the public eye. As such, there is no information on him right now.

We will update this article with his information when we have it.

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