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Who did Fred Ward play on GREY’s anatomy?

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Fred Ward

Fred Ward is widely regarded as one of the greatest American actors and producers.

He is currently going viral because he died today from a brief illness in his home earlier.

Who did Fred Ward play on GREY’s anatomy?

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy will recall Denny Duquette’s dramatic death in the second season finale. Denny’s death was one of the most frustrating deaths on Grey’s Anatomy, especially since viewers had been rooting for him to live all season.

Denny’s death throws fiancée Izzie (Katherine Heigl) into a tailspin that culminates in Season 3, Episode 4, What I Am. Denny’s estranged father, Denny Duquette, Sr., is played by Fred Ward in the episode.

Izzie and her would-be father-in-law don’t get off to a good start. The older Denny is curious as to how his son became engaged to his doctor on the same day he received a new heart.

His whirlwind of questions perplexes Izzie, who wonders why he never visits Denny in the hospital. Ward’s character explains that Denny Jr. cut his parents out of his life so they wouldn’t have to watch their son die of heart failure.

Fred Ward expertly evokes the emotions of a bereaved, conflicted father, and his performance is the episode’s centerpiece.

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