Where did Tierre c go to high school?

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Tierre Diaz is a well-known musician and actor in the United States. Diaz was born in the Massachusetts city of Worcester. In addition to his comedic work, he also composes and plays music (sketch, stand-up & improv). Diaz attended the New York City institution known as the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater for his training. After that, he started giving performances in different parts of the country using the knowledge he had gained.

Diaz has performed on tour with improv comedy groups in addition to touring with the theatrical company Dialogues on Diversity. Together, they have put on live shows for audiences in colleges, workplaces, and theaters. As an actor, Diaz’s hip hop experience has gotten him noticed by Nickelodeon, landed him a show in New York City doing hip hop improv with Wayne Brady, and earned him the lead part of the protagonist in the movie “JAMAL” in which he portrays a bully who battles rap.

Diaz has also worked as a voice actor in the past. His brainchild, “Action Figure Wrestling” (AFW), was purchased by the app “Rizzle” for a total of ten episodes, in which Diaz provided the voices for all of the characters who were, in fact, action figures.

Where did Tierre Diaz go to high school?

There is no information about Tierre Diaz’s hight school education.